Free Calendar Printable – June 2017

This month’s FREE calendar print, designed especially for you!

Free June Calendar Printable

Oh sweet June, how you make my soul sing! :D And what better way to celebrate this warm, wild, and wonderful time of year than with a razzly-dazzly, candy-colored (I told you these bolder prints were comin’!) print?!

Yes, my friends, I am breaking into the calendar biz and it was so gosh dang fun to design, I’m kinda surprised I didn’t do it sooner! My plan is to release a new FREE calendar print at the beginning of each month so get ready, get set for all sorts of monthly magic beginning…NOW!

*This post may contain affiliate links through which I may receive a small commission to help fund my work. In no way will you end up paying more by purchasing through these links!* 

 [You can get your hands on any of our past free prints by visiting our shop.]


Featured Font: Westmeath

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