Free Motivational Print – Bless This Home Pennant

This week’s FREE [for a limited time only] print, designed especially for you!

Dearest and Darling Free Weekly Print

As I write, I’m seated at a table outside a Barnes & Nobel. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and a not-so-gentle breeze is ruffling my ponytail in the best of ways. It’s the perfect morning!

There’s a faint scent of something floral (forgive me, I’m no botanist), and despite the fact that I had a 5:30 AM wake up call, I’m pleased as punch for so many reasons! The number one being that I’m spending the day with Dearest! Well near him anyways…He still has to work and I’ve got quite a few things to tackle myself, but his current work situation has him in an office near the most adorable outdoor mall (score!). So I tagged along, of course, because what woman wouldn’t? :) We’ll meet up for lunch and maybe grab some dinner in the city. It’s going to be fab!

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What else is adding to the perfection of this fabulous Friday? Why, a free print of course! I stumbled across the most adorable set of spring floral graphics last week and I knew they had to be used for something extra-special ie. no ordinary wall print. After my usual deliberations – which typically consist of brainstorming and multiple rounds of experimentation, I settled on a hanging pennant design. And because it will almost certainly hang in a home, the message was a cinch.

I’m certain I say this every week, but this design is positively one of my favorite ones to date! I adore the uniqueness of the shape and the fact that it doesn’t need a frame to be phenomenal. Just print it off on some heavy cardstock, affix a bit of baker’s twine to the back (this one is ADORBES), and let the art speak for itself!

Hope you love it as much as I do!

 [This print is free for a limited time only. Be sure and download before it’s too late! Pssst…you can still grab any of our past free prints by visiting our Etsy Shop.]


Featured Font: Befindisa
Featured Graphics: Spring Flowers (Currently Available for ONLY $1!!!)

If printable art is your thing, you’ll also want to check out our Ready Set Sparkle print and our Personalized Floral Name Print!

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