Free Motivational Print – Ready Set Sparkle

This week’s FREE [for a limited time only] print, designed especially for you!

Free Weekly Print from Dearest and Darling Design

I’m not much of a runner. And by ‘not much of a runner’ I mean that my few and far between attempts at running have been met with burning lungs, itchy legs, and aching gums (go figure!). I’ve been told many a’time that it takes awhile to get to the point where don’t want to run off the nearest cliff, but I think I’m destined to remain a yoga/spinning/hiit-ing/non-running/ice-cream eating type of gal. :)

It should come as no surprise then that the classic phrase of ready-set-go! needed a bit of tweaking to fit my aesthetic. After considering new ending words such ‘shine’ and ‘slay’ (a STRONG contender that is being saved for another day+another design), I settled upon ‘sparkle’- because every girl likes to get her shimmer on!

*This post may contain affiliate links through which I may receive a small commission to help fund my work. In no way will you end up paying more by purchasing through these links!* 

Thus, ‘Ready Set Shine’ was born! And as my gift to you, this print is available not only in our standard 8×10 size, but also in an uber cute, smaller, 5×7 version so it’s guaranteed to fit in that perfect frame and spot! Some great ideas for where and how to use it include:

  • Home office decor
  • Party favor (the 5×7 size would be fabulous for this!)
  • Nursery wall art
  • Birthday gift for women/girls
  • Bedside/End table
  • Gallery wall

[The free period for this print has ended, but don’t worry! You can still get your hands on it by visiting our shop.]


Featured Font/Graphics: Naira Script + Free Watercolor Pattern


If printable shtuff is kinda your thing, you’ll want to check out our His/Her Thank You Cards and our Bloom print!

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