Free Printable – His/Her Thank You Cards

This week’s FREE [for a limited time only] print, designed especially for you!

Thank You Printable from Dearest and Darling Design

Let your attitude be one of gratitude, I say, and let this week’s free printable help you out!

This set of his/her thank you cards can be used for:

  • Bridal shower thank you’s
  • Groomsmen notes of gratitude
  • Post-present pleasantries
  • Let’s be honest- the opportunities are endless :)

*This post may contain affiliate links through which I may receive a small commission to help fund my work. In no way will you end up paying more by purchasing through these links!* 

Comprised of a flowing calligraphy script and elegantly chic design, these cards would be absolutely smashing printed on cardstock and perhaps attached to a sweet treat or two. Add your own unique message to the back or simply sign your name and let the message speak for itself!

[The free period for this print has ended, but don’t worry! You can still get your hands on it by visiting our shop.]


Featured Font: Wholler Script


If printable art is your thing, you’ll also want to check out our Bloom print and He Is Risen print!

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