Friday Freebie – ‘Dare to Dream’ Motivational Print

HAPPY 2017, my darlings!!!

Dare To Dream Free Motivational Print

If you’re like me, the thought of a new year filled with unlimited amounts of fresh potential is as EXCITING as it is FREAKY! I’ve been crafting my resolution list (so behind!) and some of the items have me feeling like a totally capable Wonder Woman while others leave me shaking in my boots!!! Example: Read More= Yeah!! Try Skiing=Eeek!!

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In spite of my fear, I’ve decided that I don’t want to not do the things I want to do (I dare ya to say THAT six times fast!) just because I’m afraid to do it! I want to actually put my dreams into action and surprise myself by how strong I am!

I’m guessing there are a lot of you who feel that way too and so I’ve crafted this print to remind each of us to be daring; to not just DREAM but DO! Though many of my designs are forced to go unhung within my own home (1 bedroom apartments just don’t provide enough wall space, do they?), this is one print that is going up STAT.

Print your 8×10 copy for FREE by clicking the image/link below and…..Darers, Dreamers, & Doers- UNITE!!!

Dare To Dream Free Motivational Wall Art


Hoping 2017 is coming up all sorts of roses for you and that you dare to do the dreams you dream (man, I am on a tongue twisting ROLL today). :D

Lots of love!

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Shellahara Script


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