Festive Freebie- ‘Merry Christmas, Darling’ Wall Art & Card

Confession: We totally bombed the whole Christmas card thing this year! I remember last Christmas, thinking how totally on top of things I was as I penned a hand written greeting onto each card and slipped in a wintry pic of me and Dearest. I felt proud – accomplished even – and oh, so, totally grown up! :D Fast forward to today and I’m lucky I remembered to eat breakfast!

>> Is it just me or is time going by in hyper-speed? Maybe this is what real adulthood feels like… :P<<

Anywhosy, I may not have gotten around to Christmas carding it up but I DID manage to whip up this sleek and elegant “Festive Freebie” in the form of a combo print/greeting card that will “help to make the season bright” (Sing to me, Nat.)

*This post may contain affiliate links through which I may receive a small commission to help fund my work. In no way will you end up paying more by purchasing through these links!*

Free Christmas Printables Dearest and Darling Design[Download your FREE Christmas Wall Art & Greeting Card below!]

In other news, I want to start offering a behind-the-scenes look at the resources and tools that go into crafting my pretty projects and free prints! Design is my newest (and possibly truest?) creative outlet and to share my snippets and ‘secrets’ would give me such pleasure! Still working on a name for this lil’ segment…Darling Dishes (think gossip, not eating)?? Darling’s Design School?? Darling Designs?? Eh, a bit of a work in progress, but lemme know what you think! :) For now, we shall call it:



Priscilla Script
Check out this FREE font here!


**I’m NOT an illustrator so boy, oh boy, am I ever so grateful for the incredible talent of others!**

Dearest and Darling Christmas Design Resources

For my design, I used images from this DARLING set of 50 Christmas Doodles, care of The Hungry JPEG.

Both of these wonderful resources came together in the most perfect of ways, allowing me to create today’s fabulous festive freebies. :) Download either the 8×10 Wall Art and/or Christmas Greeting Card by clicking the links below!

~free christmas downloadS~


Merry Christmas, Sweet Readers!!! :)

Want to see even more Christmasy goodness from Dearest & Darling? We thought so! Check out our FREE Christmas gift tags!

Dearest and Darling Design




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*Please keep in mind that not all colors are reflected equally on every device. Additionally, when printed, the color may be slightly different from what you see on your screen.



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