Hello There – Free Wall Art Print

Hello there and WELCOME! Thank you so much for hopping on over to see the latest and greatest (and very first EVER!) shared artwork from this lil’ ol’ thing called Dearest & Darling Design! Eeee!!! I’d like to reward your awesomeness with this free print- fresh off the presses and created just for YOU! It’s my hope that it will extend a sense of greeting and welcome to all who gaze upon it.:) I designed these as 8×10 images and they’re available in Navy/White and Pink/White. Now enough of my babbling and on to the goods!

Pssst…wanna save this for the future? Click the following image to view the Pinterest pin!

Free Wall Art Print Dearest & Darling Design


to download, simply click the image you’d like (a new window will open) right click, and select ‘save as!’

Hello There Free Wall Art Printable in Navy

‘Hello There’ Navy/White  (Click to Download)

Hello There Free Wall Art Printable in Pink

‘Hello There’ Pink/White  (Click to Download)

*Please keep in mind that not all colors are reflected equally on every device. Additionally, when printed, the color may be slightly different from what you see on your screen. #isoundsoprofesh



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