Dearest & Darling Design

Boy, oh boy, today is a great day, wouldn’t you say? If you hopped on over from Instagram, it’s probably no surprise as to what our newsy news is. But for the rest of you, it just so happens that….drumroll…The blog awakens! Yes, indeed, after a wee bit of a hibernation on our part, we are finally bringing back the Dearest and Darling blog you all know and love. But this time, there’s a twist, as we unveil our (my) latest passion project:dearest-and-darling-design-rose-cropped

I’ve been dabbling in the fantastic realm of design for awhile now and I’m finally ready to (gulp!) share my creations with EVERYONE! I know, I know, it’s pretty awesome (and rather panic inducing on my part) but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And what I gotta do, is share artwork with you! #poet

SO. What should you know?

FIRST of all, you’ll want to keep checking back (like, tomorrow) as I’ll be uploading my design work on a frequent-ish basis. If any catch your eye, I want you download them like the WIND, frame ’em, stick ’em up somewhere, and let them bring joy into your life and remind you to live happy!:) That is truly my greatest wish.

SECOND, you’ll want to head on over to Instagram and follow @dearestanddarling (if you haven’t already!) just so you can stay in the loop about all future creations!

THIRD, you’ll wanna slap a smile on that beautiful face of yours, take a deep breath, and go have yourself one heck of an AMAZING day. You deserve it :)

Love, Darling



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